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Buying Real Estate in Central America

(LSI) is a US based company, that has offices in Texas; Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. We are highly organized, and use the latest technology to keep in touch with every single client that request information from us.  We have done extensive research, personally bought property in many of the places, and narrowed down the absolute best places to live in a variety of locations and price ranges.  Much of our success comes from offering property tours, at a fraction of the cost if you attempted to book and travel by yourself.  Our tours are filled with fun, adventure, and education of the culture and process of buying property.  The intent of the tour is to give you the best environment and tools you would need to make a knowledgeable decision of buying real estate in the area that best suits you.

Who, What, Where, Why, and When


Who is buying?  You are reading this, so I can tell you it is people just like you.  You will hear the term ExPat if you haven’t already.  Meaning Expatriate, that moves to a foreign country.  Most ExPats come from the US and Canada that move to Central America, but there is also numerous British, Europeans, Chinese, and various other nationalities that call Central America home.  Some of our clients are looking to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor with out burdensome over taxation.  Others just want a better way of life, to live in nature, and be able to know that their purchase will be in a protected environment.  Many fall in love with the people who make you feel like part of their family, and are truly happy with life.  No matter the reason for considering purchasing property in Central America, everyone says it is hard to leave after the Discover Tour, and some don’t.


What should I buy?  One of our goals is to get you into the right property, as well as the right location.  We offer raw land, gated community home sites, condos, turn-key homes, villas, high rental return properties, mountain, ocean, jungle, river properties, commercial, and estate homes.  There is nothing that you would be looking for that we don’t offer.  After a brief conversation this can be narrowed down pretty easily to fit your desires and budget.


Where should I buy?  This is absolutely step one in your search.  We have done extensive research to market and offer the very best properties in the best locations.  Our requirements of properties and location are very strict and must meet certain standards before we will offer them.  Number one is excellent location.

In Belize we have studied growth patterns, infrastructure investment by the government, and found by far the best properties available in Belize.  Located near the construction of the new international airport in Placencia, with a new highway in place and millions being invested in the area by the Belize government,  is Belize Sanctuary. A rare jewel of a community located in the 14,000 acre Sittee River Wildlife Reserve.  Offering 5 eco systems to choose from to live and play, and every kind of amenity imaginable including access to your own private island on the reef, and a state of the art deep water marina under construction.  Our discovery tours our monthly, but fill up very fast.

Costa Rica boasts many of the same qualities as Belize, it also has some differences.  Although the official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, it is pretty difficult to go anywhere in Costa Rica where English is not spoken.  Costa Rica’s infrastructure is more developed than Belize, but Belize is working hard to catch up.  We offer real estate in the best areas of Costa Rica from Jaco to Quepos/Manuel Antonio.  This area offers everything that you would expect Costa Rica to be.  Learn about The Casas at Manuel Antonio, These 1100-1300 sq. ft. fully furnished Luxury Villas are from $199,000 to $299,000. Choose from 2/3 or 3/3 plans, including all custom options, and large lots with ocean and 30 mile mountain views in a gated/guarded community.

Sit on your porch watching the monkeys play in the tree, or the sunset over the ocean.  Live in a climate that averages in the 80’s year round, while walking on pristine beaches with mountains as the backdrop.  With world renowned Medical services, and a low cost of living, many of our clients end up calling Costa Rica home. Pura Vida.

Contact us by email at or call us at 830-443-4595 so we can discuss with you the many options, and save you time and money by narrowing your search.


Why should I buy in Central America?  Why should I go on a Discovery Tour?

The first thing you should look at when buying property is, “is it a good investment?”  Others are, would someone else want to purchase this property? What is being built around me that might affect the value?  Does it have good access, water, electricity?  Is the developer sound?

We have done all of this research for you!  We can easily provide you with all of the information necessary to make an educated decision, and rest assured that your purchase is not only everything you are looking for, but is a good investment.

Belize and Costa Rica are the most sound countries in Central America to purchase property.  You receive Fee Simple Title issued by Stewart Title or Chicago Title, and in many cases you can trace the history back further than in the US.  Both have stable governments and stable currencies.  They have great retirement programs, and the taxes are very low.  You can have great banking, great shopping, excellent food, and live in an environment that is protected.

Our Discovery Tours have one purpose, and that is you.  You can travel safely, and in a very cost effective manner to experience yourself if that country is for you.  You will have experts on hand to answer questions and provide information to you, get to meet local dignitaries, principals in local developments, and other owners that have purchased just as you are looking to do.  Whether you purchase property or not on the tour, you will leave feeling that you got excellent value.  100% guaranteed!


Now! There has never been a better time to consider purchasing property in Central America.  Belize and Costa Rica are both emerging markets, that offer you a chance to live side by side with nature. Please don’t wait any longer.

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